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Daily news and press releases about Prescott, AZ
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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, April 05, 2008 ) Prescott, AZ - Presidential candidate, Senator John McCain is scheduled to hold a rally
    at Yavapai County Courthouse in Prescott, AZ. The rally is part of John McCains Service to America tour.

    For current news on Senator McCain, go to

    For more news on Prescott, AZ, go to

    About EmailWire.Com ( ) is a press release distribution service of GroupWeb Media LLC. uses co-branding, viral marketing, RSS feed, e-mail, fax, satellite technology to distribute company news to major and none major newswires, vertical and news websites, individual email boxes through opt-in distribution, and to journalists desktops in the format they choose. EmailWire.Com currently offers unlimited pres release distribution for $499 per year at .

    About GroupWeb Media LLC
    GroupWeb Media LLC ( ) is an online media company that specializes in press release distribution, newswire services, news aggregation and dissemination. GroupWeb Media LLC currently has 70 regional and 36 vertical portals that deliver news to targeted audiences.

    GroupWeb Media Staff

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, September 10, 2010 ) Goodyear, AZ -- Following months of careful testing and changes, electronic cigarette company Red Dragon has initiated its new affiliate plan, "Bucks for Banners," and is accepting affiliates. The company has called the new platform Affiliate Pro. Affiliates sign up for free and then start spreading the news about Red Dragon all while acquiring extra income.

    The new plan allows affiliates to download extra resources: banner codes, easy text links, and e-mail links they can employ for marketing purposes. Affiliates earn money by positioning Red Dragon banners, making more links to Red Dragon's Web site, or promoting its products through emails. They can earn a 20% commission on every sale initiated by their Red Dragon ad placements. The system permits the electric cigarette manufacturers to distribute monthly payments to affiliates in a timely manner.

    "It was essential that each distributor can monitor his or her code's performance in real time. We also required a quicker method of calculating payouts to our affiliates," notes Nick Evans from Red Dragon electronic cigarettes. "That's why we decided to develop a new affiliate platform. We invested in cutting-edge tracking software so distributers can know, moment-by-moment, how many impressions, click-throughs and sales they have generated."

    Learn More
    Learn more about Red Dragon Electronic Cigarettes at Learn more about becoming a distributor at:

    About Red Dragon
    Red Dragon electronic cigarettes ( don't contain tobacco, tar, smoke or any of the toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes are designed with a microchip, sensor and atomizing circuit. The circuit is activated when the smoker inhales and it vaporizes a nicotine and flavor solution in the electronic cigarette cartridge. The fine vapor mist provides the sensation and taste of smoking without tobacco smoke. Red Dragon electric cigarette cartridges last longer and produce more vapor than any other brand.

    2010 Sinai Google SEO company Master Google and Red Dragon. Authorization to post is granted, with the stipulation that Sinai Marketing and Red Dragon are credited as sole source. Linking to other sites from this article is strictly prohibited, with the exception of herein imbedded links.

    Nick Evans
    (763) 477-6679

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, November 14, 2011 ) Prescott, AZ -- Drug Detox and alcohol detox center Gallus Detox We proudly award our second scholarship to a deserving patient.

    We are thankful we have been able to make this happen, shares Dave Long, Business & Marketing manager at Gallus Detox. The patient and the patients family are deeply grateful.

    This scholarship is the second of its kind at the detox center. When a patient comes to Gallus Detox without the necessary funds to obtain help, but a desperate want for care, the detox center is now occasionally

    able to offer financial assistance. Handled on a case-by-case basis, and when funds are available, the center can sometimes abate the cost of services.

    Uncommon with for-profit drug and alcohol detox facilities, reduced fees and scholarships are rarely available. Were big believers in our role in the rehabilitation process, and we have to give back as often and as frequently as we can. We understand that some people arent able to participate in a full fee relationship, and when we are able, were going to help somebody out, explained Long. Gallus Detox specializes in not only alcohol Detox but also opiate Detox, benzodiazepine Detox, methadone Detox, barbiturate Detox.

    About: Gallus Detox is an inpatient drug and alcohol detox clinic offering confidential treatment to all people including executives, physicians, nurses, para-professionals, attorneys, professional athletes, entertainers and their family members who are faced with drug addiction and/or alcohol abuse.
    They provide people with the most effective alcohol Detox and drug Detox methods in the country. The Gallus Method is centered around the team approach surrounding the patient with an ER Board Certified Physician, Addictionologist and Registered Nurse utilizing 24 hour cardiac monitoring, 24 hour video monitoring, IV Based Meds, all private rooms in an upscale setting. We always can recommend an alcohol treatment center for patients who need it after detox.

    Press Release Courtesy of Online PR Media:

    Dave Long

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, November 15, 2011 ) Prescott Valley, AZ -- MI Windows and Doors, one of Americas leading window and door manufacturers, has released test results including U-Values and STC Ratings for its new MI EnergyCore Window System on its website at

    The MI EnergyCore Window System is designed for optimal energy efficiency and high performance without compromising style and functionality. The systems high performance is derived from a combination of patented AirCell PVC frame technology, TMAX Insulating Glass, and a design

    that incorporates numerous physical barriers against air and water infiltration. The thoughtful design of the MI EnergyCore Series results in products that are substantially more energy efficient, stronger, more secure and quieter.

    The line provides a complete, cost-effective family of products to meet the next phase of ENERGY STAR requirements and qualify for the Department of Energys High Performance Windows Program (R-5). "Most high performance window systems offered today involve complicated exceptions. For example, some styles meet the grade while other styles or configurations do not. MI EnergyCore is designed to meet the grade in any style or any configuration. Therefore, homeowners do not need to sacrifice style or aesthetic upgrades to gain performance," states Mike DeSoto, President of MI's Western division.

    The frame is manufactured with a patented AirCell PVC material that is co-extruded and thermally bonded. This creates a fully insulating, corner-welded frame that results in superior energy efficiency and strength. The frame also incorporates oversized balance pockets and optimally placed internal webbing to handle the weight of 1 1/8" OA triple pane insulating glass across the entire size catalog, and with any grid or glass combination including tempered and laminate glass. The primary purpose of these design features are to support the weight and optimum IG (Insulated Glass) thickness of triple pane glass. These same features allow the system to be glazed with laminate or dual laminate glass without compromising thermal performance or grid options. Furthermore, the MI EnergyCore design maintains air infiltration at less than .015 cfm/ft2 (half the certification limit of .30 cfm / ft2). Air Infiltration resistance and sound control are strongly correlated.

    MI EnergyCore standard TMAX glass package is offered with two laminate glass upgrade options: TMAX SQS (Safety, Quiet and Solar Control) and TMAX STC. The laminate glass used in both packages incorporates a .030 thick PVB interlayer that is specifically designed to block sound transmission. TMAX SQS includes a single piece of laminate glass on the interior pane and achieves STC numbers in the mid thirties across the entire product line. TMAX STC is an 1 1/8 OA panel with laminate glass on both the interior and exterior pane. TMAX STC has been certified with STC values between 38-41 across the entire product line. These values equate to a window that is approximately 50% quieter than the typical dual pane window and makes MI EnergyCore one of the most effective and practical sound control windows on the market. Most noise reduction window solutions can only achieve this level of noise reduction with bulky and costly 4 pane systems that limit style and installation options. MI EnergyCore windows with TMAX STC laminated glass are available in all window styles including Tilt Double Hung, Casement, Awning, Picture Window, Slider, and Single Hung windows.

    To see a complete chart of the technical specifications:

    The summaries of the test results are posted here:

    About the MI Windows and Doors

    MI Windows and Doors is one of the nation's largest suppliers of energy-efficient vinyl, aluminum and composite windows and doors. With plants across the country, MI offers a broad spectrum of windows and doors backed by exemplary customer service. Our Team at MI Windows and Doors is Building Quality, Refining Service, Creating Opportunity, and Earning Trust.

    For additional information about the MI Windows and Doors and the MI EnergyCore Window System, visit or follow us on Facebook at or Twitter at

    Press Release Courtesy of Online PR Media:

    Patrick Schutte
    928-772-7000 x5288

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, January 20, 2012 ) Prescott Valley, AZ -- MI Windows and Doors, one of Americas leading window and door manufacturers, has released an Architectural Resource Directory for the MI EnergyCore Window System on its website at The MI EnergyCore Window System is the most complete and simple solution for the architect seeking high performance light commercial windows.

    The Architectural Resource Directory includes test reports, glass configurations, technical specifications including

    thermal and structural performance, STC ratings, a CSI 3 Part Specification, and detail drawings in DWG, DXF, and PDF formats. The Archtictural Resource Directory will allow architects, design professionals, and builders to get the information they need to specify the award-winning windows.

    "There are lots of products that provide high design pressures (greater than DP-40), OR low U values (less than .20), OR high STC ratings (40), OR dark color options. There are very few that offer all of these things in one window series and across the breadth of window styles and configurations that we are offering in the MI EnergyCore window system, states Mike DeSoto, President of MI's Western division.

    Builder News Magazine ( selected the MI EnergyCore Windows System as the best energy efficient building product for 2011. The windows were selected from the hundreds of new building products that were released in 2011. The editors of BUILDERnews Magazine selected the top two products in each of 14 categories, representing the most innovative, energy efficient, inventive and useful product introductions of 2011.

    The window system uses AirCell PVC technology, a patented, 100% recyclable, material that is co-extruded and thermally bonded into the frame. A standard dual pane MI EnergyCore Window meets the proposed Energy Star 2013 standards in all zones. When upgraded to triple pane glass, the system meets the Department of Energy R-5 standards in all styles and in any configuration.

    The high performance frame uses truss internal webbing which maximizes the torsional and in-line strength. All styles achieve an AAMA Performance Grade of LC-40 and can comfortably support the added weight of triple pane glass.

    MI EnergyCore energy efficient windows can be upgraded with TMAX SQS Laminated glass. Laminated glass adds the safety, sound control and UV protection. Laminated glass is highly break resistant, reduces the sound transmission up to 50%, and blocks 99% of the UV light that cause fading, all without compromising energy efficiency or clarity. MI EnergyCore Windows are available in a patented, thermally fused, SuperCapSR exterior acrylic cap bronze color that reflects 76% of the infrared light thereby preventing heat build-up on the frame.

    The MI EnergyCore Window Systems unique design results in a more energy efficient, more secure, stronger and quieter window with traditional style.

    The Architectural Resource Directory can be found at:

    MI Windows and Doors is one of the nation's largest suppliers of energy-efficient vinyl, aluminum and composite windows and doors. With plants across the country, MI offers a broad spectrum of windows and doors backed by exemplary customer service. Our Team at MI Windows and Doors is Building Quality, Refining Service, Creating Opportunity, and Earning Trust.

    For additional information about the MI Windows and Doors and the MI EnergyCore Window System, visit or follow us on Facebook at or Twitter at

    Press Release Courtesy of Online PR Media:

    Patrick Schutte
    928-772-7000 x5288

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, March 02, 2012 ) Prescott, AZ -- Experian, one of the big 3 credit bureaus that include Equifax and TransUnion, has issued a report showing that the amount of outstanding debt increased in the 4th quarter of 2011 by $23.9 billion. That brings the total amount of outstanding debt to $658 billion in the auto industry, and the market is heating up in the auto loan niche.

    Lenders have begun handing out loans to "subprime" borrowers, which is industry codeword for those borrowers with tarnished credit. Although this type of lending is what triggered the home mortgage bubble that finally popped in 2008, financial institutions believe that these loans will be paid back. So far, the gamble seems to be working: delinquency rates on loans improved in the last quarter of 2010 from 0.59% to 0.46%.

    The next segment that lenders have targeted for growth is the used car market, which has traditionally been reserved for buyers with poor credit. However, as even new vehicles are offered to consumers in the subprime loan market, the used car market has opened up more to buyers from all income levels.

    The big question, and one that remains to be answered, is whether car buyers will keep loan payments when the next recession hits.

    About helps people interested in Arizona debt consolidation.

    PR Dept

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, April 11, 2012 ) Peoria -- Dr. Sharon Bader, an experienced dentist, have gained immense popularity in an around Peoria by providing top class teeth restoration service to her patients. The University of Michigan graduate operates out of her Clinic Lake Pleasant Dentistry and offers all the latest restoration facility for an incredibly economical price range.

    The eminent Peoria dentist has been serving her patients with flying colors for almost 12 years. Dr. Bader is actively involved as a member with many well-known professional organizations like American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, and many more. Within her busy professional schedule, she still continues her post graduate education to offer better service to her patients. The range of treatment facilities available at her clinic includes orthodontics, whitening, veneers, tooth bonding, fillings, crowns, inlays, and much more.

    Veneer is a very fine layer of curative material that is placed over the tooth surface for protecting damaged surface or to improve tooth aesthetics. The porcelain veneers from Dr. Bader is extremely effective for teeth that are heavily stained. With the use of an advanced bonding material, she refashions cracked and chipped teeth in just one visit. Her patients can achieve amazingly white teeth in her clinic within an hour. In addition of this, the popular Peoria dentist also has a free teeth whitening program for her patients called 'Whitening for Life'. Unlike most other dentists, Dr. Bader offers an unique range of latest braces that are placed in the inner surface of the teeth. Dr. Sharon Bader DDS is also considered to be an expert in restoration using crowns, bridges, and fillings.

    Along with top class treatment facility, Dr. Bader's clinic also offers easy payment options for their patients. Convenient payment plans allow patients the freedom of extending their payments with little or no interest. Most of the PPO insurances are also accepted in the clinic. Talking about the quality of care offered by Dr. Bader, one of the patients named Robin says, "My experience at Lake Pleasant Dentistry has always been very pleasant. The staff is very friendly and efficient. I am scared to death of dentists, but Dr. Bader has made going to the dentist, so much easier, and she is super". Dr. Bader, the mother of a nine year old son, reacts to her increasing popularity in this region saying, "It is a pleasure to know that people like my service. However, the learning process never ends in this profession, and I would want to help my patients with much more in the days to come".

    About the Company:

    Lake Pleasant Dentistry is a Peoria based clinic owned and managed by renowned dentist Dr. Sharon Bader. Her knowledge, skill, and dedication have propelled her clinic to great heights. Lake Pleasant Dentistry is now the ultimate destination for the all advanced procedures of restorative dentistry.

    Sharon Bader

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, May 24, 2012 ) Prescott, AZ Just in time for the political bumper sticker season, Custom Sticker Makers (CSM), a leading company offering full-color custom stickers, has re-launched its new website at

    Were excited about the new website, and we look forward to helping people all over the political spectrum express themselves and make it stick in 2012, said Custom Sticker Makers owner, Jeff Daverman. He notes that while custom stickers enjoy perennial popularity among small businesses, non-profit organizations and bands as a low-cost promotional tool, during presidential election years, they generally see a boost in sales as a medium for bumper sticker politics.

    The new website enjoys a clean and crisp look, designed to appeal to both professional and creative customers, as well an easy-to-access, streamlined order form. The websites improved customer account functionality saves customer information, allowing for hassle-free re-ordering, and real-time updates on the status of pending orders.

    Another new feature of the website is the Instant Quote Calculator, which offers comparison shoppers price information at a glance, based on the size and quantity of the stickers desired. For those customers who come to the site with a good idea for a sticker but no actual graphic design in hand, three custom graphic design options are available.

    For customers unsure about the quality or set up of their graphic design files, a sticker review page that allows CSMs design professionals to evaluate the file prior to printing is available. For the newbie, a step-by-step guide offers directions through the ordering process, while a glossary of industry terms clears up the difference between a die-cut and kiss-cut stickers, among other custom options.

    Customers in search of design inspiration are encouraged to peruse stickers from current and past CSM customers ranging from businesses to non-profits organizations and creative professionals.

    Novice buyers perhaps creating their first political bumper sticker, either to express support for a local candidate, or to express an opinion on a national bill will find the process of ordering through the website clear and easy, while veteran customers will enjoy the newly streamlined process.

    About Custom Sticker Makers: Custom Sticker Makers is a professional printing firm offering full-color custom designed stickers that can be cut to any shape, printed with eco-solvent inks. For more information, visit


    Jeff Daverman

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, June 26, 2012 ) Scottsdale, AZ - Cody Weston would like to announce the opening of QuickRxRefill. This site will give patients access to an online doctor consultation and prescription writing service. By using the site, individuals will no longer have to wait in order to have their prescription refilled.

    The site comes in handy for those patients who are between doctors or for those who have ran out of medication while they were away from home. Individuals who are needing to get a prescription online are encouraged to use this site because it is safe and is not an online pharmacy.

    The site provides medication refills for "LifeStyle" medications. They prescribe medication for the following ailments: Herpes, Erectile Dysunction, Blood Pressure, Thyroid Condition, Shingles, Smoking Cessation, Shingles and Asthma. Some popular prescription names they are able to refill include Chantix, Propecia, Viagra prescription online and Cialis prescription online.

    They are not able to refill a prescription for weight-loss, insomnia, pain, anxiety, ADD, ADHD or muscle spasms.

    When an individual uses this service, they will be speaking with an actual doctor Licensed in the United States. If for some reason a client cannot receive an online doctor consultation they, will receive a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

    In order to speak with one of the registered doctors, simply visit the site and fill out a form. The doctor will contact the patient within 30 minutes by telephone to give them their online medical consultation. Once the consultation is done, they will call the prescription in.

    About QuickRxRefills.

    The site is for those individuals who are between doctors, on vacation, when they do not want to risk purchasing medication online, etc. It contains US. Licensed online doctors. For more information, feel free to contact Cody Weston via phone at 888-333-6406 or by email

    Cody Weston

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 04, 2012 ) Prescott, AZ -- Self-expression is a common goal for consumers who appreciate products that go beyond the typical, cookie-cutter designs. Whether the goal is to share a message, a favorite band or promote a business, they want to create customized stickers, labels and decals that stand out and set them apart from the rest. has emerged as a premier source for professional printing services enabling customers to create customized stickers, decals and custom labels, printed with environmentally friendly eco-solvent inks. Through the user-friendly site, customers can come up with unique designs and have them printed on high quality outdoor vinyl material in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. Custom labels are particularly popular and can be viewed at

    With the tagline, Express yourself and make it stick, meets the needs of businesses, institutions and the individual consumer, Whether customers need a custom made product label for marketing purposes, a band sticker for their fans, a way to promote design concepts, or to advertise a retail location, we have the expertize to help them at an affordable price, explained a site spokesperson.

    The uses of customer stickers are endless and so are our design ideas. We love taking peoples design concepts and making them a reality. makes all customized stickers, decals and custom labels with a glossy, white, outdoor vinyl bumper sticker material with permanent adhesive. Backed with a lay-flat liner, the vinyl sticker peels away cleanly. The vivid colors of the UV resistant eco-solvent inks and high performance vinyl are engineered to remain in good condition for years, even in outdoor conditions.

    For customers who dont have a design provides a full set of graphic design options. If visitors need inspiration they can visit CustomStickerMakers.coms Sticker Gallery for design ideas.

    The site also features a useful instant quote calculator which produces quotes on any size or type of order. In addition to a plethora of customized sticker, label and decal options, also offers a range of custom shirt options including shirts, bags, hats and hoodies.

    Visitors to the site can view glowing customer testimonials from previous customers. A spokesperson explained:

    We treat every order as if our business depended on it. Thats why we receive so many thank you letters and emails. If customers order a small amount of stickers for a local event they get the same standard of service as a Fortune 500 business.

    About is a premier source for customized stickers, decals and custom labels online. Specializing in custom designs, the site utilizes durable, high quality outdoor vinyl material and eco-solvent inks in vivid colors. In-depth editorial content provides how-to information and ideas for utilizing the products for personal expression and business marketing purposes. For more information, visit

    Jeff Daverman
    (928) 776-4143

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 25, 2012 ) Scottsdale, Arizona - Cell phones are a major part of life in todays world. Everyone has a cell phone and everyone needs a cell phone. The world today is rapidly changing and the pace is getting faster. Communication is more important now than ever. People need to be in constant communication with loved ones at home, colleagues and customers in work and business. Gone are the days when people used to depend on telegrams and snail mail for communication. People nowadays are also always on the go. Communication needs to be portable and this portability cannot be provided by landline telephones. Cell phones will always be an essential part of life, no matter what the economy looks like and of course a constant bill for people as well. The economy now may not be so good but people will still be paying cell phone bills anyway. Lightyear Wireless realizes this need and trend and has come up with a too good to be true opportunity for everyone who uses a cell phone getting cell phone services for free and being able to earn residual income at the same time. People pay to use a cell phone service, but this time people can get paid to use a cell phone service.

    Lightyear Wireless is a cell phone service company that allows people to avail of inexpensive cell phone plans and unlimited cell phone plans. Aside from great cell phone plan deals, the company also gives them an opportunity to own their own wireless cell phone business. Their website or Automatic Cell Phone Wealth System has a 3 minute video that gives an over view of the company and how to make money with ones personal cell phone. The video will also mention to fill up the form at the lower right side of the web page to access another brief video that will answer questions that people might have, teach people how to get started with their cell phone business and teach other people how to start their wireless cell phone business as well.

    ABOUT Automatic Cell Phone Wealth System

    Automatic Cell Phone Wealth System was created as an opportunity for people to earn using money that they spend on their cell phone services. People spend on cell phone services anyway, no matter what the economy looks like, so they might as well make money on something they are spending on anyway. For more information, contact Paul Wilde at or at 7324561106.

    Paul Wilde

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, September 12, 2012 ) Prescott, AZ -- With the forthcoming presidential election in the United States, campaigning is starting to reach fever pitch. This is the time when electioneering really heats up, and opposing sides are trying to find new and different ways of reaching the electorate. However, one of the most effective ways to promote a candidate isnt new at all. Stickers and decals been used for election campaigning for years, and they can reach thousands of voters in a cost effective way, they are one of the go too branding tools of every campaign.

    One website getting a lot of attention in this area is, a business dedicated to the creation of high quality vinyl stickers. Their custom stickers have been used to promote political causes from every affiliation, and now, in the run up to election season, they have been busier than ever.

    The website gives a great deal of information about their sticker printing, including the quality of the materials they use. A spokesperson explained their production values:

    We believe in using the best quality materials while keeping a close eye on the environmental impact. We use high quality outdoor durable vinyl for instance and our inks are eco-solvent.

    Because of the digital printing technology that uses, they can print die cut stickers in a non standard shape. This allows customers to fully customize their stickers from graphics to colors, size and shape. This process can be as bespoke as a customer wants, they can design every aspect of the stickers from the ground up or use one of the sites pre-designed stickers as a base for their design. Custom Sticker Makers believe this can be particularly useful for those designing election stickers.

    A spokesperson for the site explained how the election process affects the business:

    We always experience a surge in orders during election season. Its amazing how, despite the rise of digital media and other new election campaigning methods, vinyl stickers remain extremely popular with both sides of the political spectrum. We know its because they continue to be both powerful and cost effective. Of course political campaigning isnt the only use for our stickers. There are also incredibly valuable for marketing purposes, or any other type of creative application. We are extremely proud that our production techniques allow us to produce a superior quality product at a more affordable rate than our competitors. We do this through the unique and proprietary business practices that weve developed throughout our ten years in the business. We keep overheads low and quality high by doing all of our work in-house, and we pass those savings on to our customers.

    About is a premier source for customized stickers, decals and custom labels online. Specializing in custom designs, the site utilizes durable, high quality outdoor vinyl material and eco-solvent inks in vivid colors. In-depth editorial content provides how-to information and ideas for utilizing the products for personal expression and business marketing purposes.

    For more information, visit:

    Jeff Daverman
    (928) 776-4143

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, July 11, 2013 ) Prescott, AZ On Tuesday evening a woman crashed into four construction vehicles, while injuring two of the workers in these vehicles. The woman was arrested with a blood alcohol reading of 0.216, which is three times over the legal limit of 0.08 in order to operate a vehicle.

    Police reports indicate that 35 road construction workers were present at the time of the crash, which covered over 1,700 feet from the initial point of impact. When arrested the woman could not remember what happened during the crash.

    The woman who caused the accident now faces multiple felony DUI, felony endangerment, and aggravated assault charges. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has stated that in 2009, there were 10,839 people killed in alcohol impaired driving accidents. These accidents are known to cause extreme damages, injuries and deaths every year across the country. Fortunately, the construction workers and the woman driving this vehicle were not injured in this instance.

    Our Phoenix auto accident attorneys hope everyone involved in this accident makes a speedy recovery and offers our assistance to those in need. For more information contact us at 602-528-8888 or visit us today at

    About Phillips Law Group

    A well-respected name in personal injury law, Phillips Law Group is committed to helping those who have been injured by the actions of another in the state of Arizona. The personal injury attorneys at Phillips Law Group have a wealth of knowledge and experience in auto injury claims, premises liability, dangerous drug litigation, medical malpractice and product liability claims.

    PMP Marketing Group

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, August 15, 2013 ) Prescott, AZ -- If you think kids can't get enough of those sticky store-bought popsicles that turn their tongues blue and are stuffed with corn syrup, think again.

    While much of the country is experiencing record-setting temperatures this summer, at least one innovative Dad has found a way to beat the heat, make kids smile, and build a thriving part-time business at the same time. When entrepreneur (and self-proclaimed "Old-School Popsicle King") Bill McAdoo got fed up with the commercial brands of popsicles that he

    - Nothing cools you off faster on a hot day than these quic

    saw for sale in the big box grocery stores, he decided he could do much better.

    And a cottage industry was born.

    "I just remembered making homemade popsicles with my parents when I was a kid out of real ingredients like fruit and juice. Half the fun was that we'd freeze them ourselves in our kitchen, and 60 minutes later they'd be ready to eat! It was so much fun to make them ourselves, and I always thought these ice pops tasted 10 times better than anything you could buy in a store," Mr. McAdoo said.

    He continues, "So I called my Mom when things started to get hot this Summer, and asked her for some of those old popsicle recipes that we used to make when I was a kid. Then I whipped up a cooler full of popsicles one Saturday morning, and handed them out to the boys at my son's little league baseball game."

    The result of the children's taste test didn't surprise Mr. McAdoo, but it shocked and delighted the other parents at the ball-game. In fact, 23 out of 30 kids said that not only did they love the homemade popsicles, but that they were "way better" than the ones they get from the store.

    The average box of a dozen popsicles in a grocery store costs between $3 and $6. Parents who choose to make homemade popsicles for their kids end up paying a quarter of thatand they can better control what their kids eat at snacktime.

    "It was such a hit with the kids and their parents, I knew I had to share this with other people. So I collected about 2 dozen of my Mom's secret recipes, and found a manufacturer that could create some popsicle molds that looked just like the homemade popsicles we used to make 30 years ago. I was even able to make some improvements to the original molds that I used as a kid...The plastic is BPA-free, and I designed these with drip-proof handles to keep kids' hands & baseball uniforms clean. I then bundled these popsicle molds and my family's favorite recipes together and got them listed at earlier this summer. And let me tell you...the response has been overwhelming!"

    "This is a perfect summertime treat, but we will definitely be making them all year long now. All you need are some popsicle molds, add some juice or yogurt, pop em in the fridge, and an hour later you've got a healthy treat that you'r kids will want you to make over and over again! And believe me, it's a lot cheaper to make them yourself than to buy them from the store." Mr. McAdoo said.

    You'll find Mr. McAdoo's "old school" Groovy Popsicle Molds (and get his "27 All-Time Favorite Popicle Recipes" for free) on at the following link:

    About Kitchen Einstein

    Take the "Old School" popsicle test yourself! See if your kids prefer these healthy & delicious homemade popsicles to store-bought brands.

    Bill McAdoo

    Source: EmailWire.Com

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, December 28, 2013 ) Tempe, AZ -- In todays fickle economy, many peoples salaries are staying stagnant or even being decreased by companies, while the costs of goods and services are continuing to rise.

    Due to this financial imbalance, a number of families and individuals are finding it hard to afford their everyday expenses and essentials, and especially hard to save money.

    And with little to no savings, any of lifes emergencies or surprises can severely impact someones ability to make ends meet.

    Offering fast, hassle-free cash advances, recently launched to help people receive the money they need, when they need it. Featuring a simple online application, the payday loan website allows people to quickly qualify for money advances of up to $1,500 at a time 24 hours a day, seven days a week and requires no time consuming credit checks. Payday Advance also ensures people receive the lowest interest rates possible thereby safeguarding them from owing more than they should.

    Whether a person needs advance cash to help them make a credit card payment or they need the extra funding because of an unexpected doctors appointment, helps match them immediately with a lender.

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    To apply for a payday advance, people can simply fill out a brief online form with their name, address, income and checking account information and within 24 hours they will receive the funds deposited directly into their account.

    For more information or to apply for advance cash today, visit

    About SecureCashAdvanceLoans is a website that helps people in financial crisis get the payday loan through the wide network of nationwide approved lenders. The website is run by loan experts and it allows loan seekers to meet the most appropriate lenders in their area. offers their clients privacy, security, reliability, convenience, speed, affordability and accessibility. This site is proud to have excellent customer service, fast turnaround times, reasonable processing fees, low interest rates, 100 percent online access and easy payback terms. The site also allows the applicant to state the exact amount that needs to be borrowed. offers rates and fees information, facts and answered questions, and allows the clients to receive a payday advance quick, easy, and hassle-free.


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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, April 16, 2014 ) Clarkdale, AZ -- Touch the body. Calm the mind. Heal the Spirit. These what makes massage therapy a holistic approach. It does not only soothe ones body pains, it also brings inner peace.

    For over 20 years, The TruMantra Family of Schools has maintained a centripetal technique to massage therapy education through refined teaching methodologies, classroom dynamics and culture, and creating an atmosphere suitable for a great holistic learning experience. This approach was developed under five core principles;
    Presence -


    TruMantra Schools


    massage therapy


    TruMantra School for Massage

    Being present, mindful, loving, clear, and conscious
    Excellence - Educational excellence through personal learning styles
    Alignment - Alignment of life's values with life's work
    Care - Exquisite care of self and others
    Empowerment - Life learning through personal inquiry & transformation

    TruMantra education prepares students to be extraordinary body workers with the emphasis on presence, creativity, professional preparedness and self-understanding. It trains the student to have a deeper awareness of themselves as learners, healers and a compassionate member of the society.

    Perceptual Thinking Patterns Approach

    TruMantra works around the idea that each person learns through visual, auditory and kinesthetic means known as Perceptual Thinking Patterns. Under this teaching philosophy, students perceptual systems are being used to enhance his or her ability to respond to any given environmental stimuli improving students learning curve. The experiential nature increases students attention, creativity, ability to accumulate together to form a single whole concept and better comprehension.

    Furthermore, students are group into smaller classes to receive individual attention from TruMantras dedicated teachers.

    Course Programs

    TruMantra Schools Massage Therapy program is designed to give students solid foundation in the theory and application of Deep Tissue Massage. Courses include integrative clinical anatomy, bodywork, massage techniques, complementary therapies, clinical practice, business professionalism and ethics.
    TruMantra Schools provide convenient day and evening classes to students who want to balance work, family or other commitments but is willing to learn and get trained for massage therapy education.
    Licensure is required in various states in order to practice massage therapy. TruMantra Schools provide information, assistance and guidance to all students aspiring to be certified practitioners.
    TruMantra Family of Schools are available in the following locations;

    Finger Lakes School of Massage, Ithaca, New York
    Finger Lake School of Massage, Mt. Kisco, New York
    Arizona School of Integrative Studies, Sedona, Arizona
    Arizona School of Integrative Studies, Flagstaff, Arizona
    Arizona School of Integrative Studies, Prescott, Arizona
    Arizona School of Integrative Studies, Tucson Arizona

    About Trumantra Schools

    The TruMantra Family of Schools was created as a way to genuinely preserve an integrative approach to massage therapy education. For over 20 years the schools in this family have honed and refined their curriculum, teaching styles, classroom dynamics and culture, all in the name of serving students and creating an atmosphere of learning excellence.

    TruMantra Schools

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, April 17, 2014 ) Prescott, AZ -- The aspiration that guides ASIS is to create a safe, supportive, and evocative learning environment, while celebrating the diversity, uniqueness, and beauty of each individual beings body, mind, and soul.

    Asis Massage Education provides the best education for students to become massage therapists and body workers. It offers full-time, transpersonal training dedicated to the holistic growth of every student in True TruManta fashion. It prepares students to be extraordinary body workers with great emphasis


    asis massage


    Arizona School of Integrative Studies


    ASIS Massage Education Dialogue

    on presence, creativity, professional preparedness and self-understanding. It trains students to have a deeper awareness of themselves as learners, healers and a compassionate member of the society.

    It is our belief that when various dimensions of personal experience are allowed expression, personal and collective developments are enhanced. So, we are all each others teachers and students.

    As a TruMantra school, it teaches it students through visual, auditory and kinaesthetic means. Students perceptual systems are enhanced to improve better comprehension. In a retreat-like environment, students are invited to take the time and space needed for deep learning to occur. The course explores human anatomy and physiology, hydrotherapy, and a wide variety of massage modalities, all while heightening students sensitivity to the human soul. In a safe, supportive, yet evocative setting, students are prepared to meet the challenges they will face as contributing members of the health care system.


    As part of Asis Massage education dedication for excellence, the school has been awarded the following accreditations from the following esteemed organizations;

    Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training
    Arizona State Board for Private Post-Secondary Education
    National Certification Board for Massage and Bodywork
    Arizona State Board of Chiropractic
    American Massage Therapy Association and the Associated Massage and Bodywork

    Courses Offered

    Asis Massage Therapy course offers an intense hands-on training, practical experience and personal development. It exposes the student to different massage modalities including Swedish massage, Connective Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Neuromuscular Therapy, Shiatsu/Asian Studies, Polarity Therapy, Injury Rehab/Sports Massage and Integrative Massage.

    For therapists who want to teach massage therapy, Asis offers a self-directed course that highlights observations on theories, techniques and experiences necessary to become instructors. Psychological exercises and group dynamics are done to effectively train students to handle classes and workshops. This course requires 500 hours of massage therapy training.

    Continuing education workshops are offered sporadically with topics on Foot Reflexology, Connecting Tissue Techniques, Infant Massage, Aryuvedic Bodywork, Craniosacral, Communication Assisted Touch and other various topics.

    Asis Massage Education Schools are located in the following locations:

    Sedona Massage School, Clarkdale, Arizona
    Prescott Massage School, Prescott, Arizona
    Flagstaff Massage School, Flagstaff, Arizona
    Tucson Massage School, Tucson, Arizona

    About ASIS Massage Education

    Arizona School of Integrative Studies (ASIS) is a proudly accredited TruMantra School, which is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training, licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Post-Secondary Education, approved by the National Certification Board for Massage and Bodywork, licensed by the Arizona State Board of Chiropractic, and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association and the Associated Massage and Bodywork Professionals.

    Liam Doye
    (928) 639-3455

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, October 11, 2016 ) AZ, U.S.A. ---- Recently, Sony released again another record breaking camera from their famous brand worldwide. Now, the most visited website with the best lenses reviews shares the outstanding autofocus improvement of Sonys new released camera. shares that Sony does not certainly want to get their excellent cameras out from the limelight. Sonys latest camera RX100V didnt take long to be introduced and out in the market when Sony RX100IV was released a year ago. Therefore, this new version


    will be the one of the top ten must-have cameras of all Sony aficionados.

    According to DPG, even if it didnt take long before Sony released their latest camera version, there are indeed enhancements. To be specific, the focus of best lenses reviews about from is in its autofocus section. As a matter of fact, Sony RX100V has the same sensor of 20MP and a 24-70mm equivalent f/1.8-2.8 lens which serves as its predecessor.

    However, shares that this new version definitely improved in the autofocus face detection. It is a big advantage for all of its customers since this innovation can be typically experienced in DSLR or high-end mirror less cameras only. shares that this high-tech camera is packed with an awesome 315 face detection points.

    Moreover, this feature can cover about 65% maneuverability of the whole frame. According to DPG, there is also an addition improvement on the front end of LSI chip. This chip helps the camera to boost its processing speed. So that, the major outcome of the camera has the capacity to focus its lenses within 0.05 seconds!

    As the best lenses reviews for this Sony camera, it is considered as the new gold standard for all compact cameras. But, Sony aficionados should keep their excitement in control for this new version got more enhanced features they would love. confirms that aside from an improved autofocus, it can take up to 24 shots per second. How was that sounds camera lovers out there?

    With an estimated 150 captured images in a file at a full excellent resolution, this is undoubtedly one of the best. As the Sony RX line continues to release new versions, it video realm is also becoming on top of the line too. reveals that the biggest news among their best lenses reviews is an in-house housing from Sony. Sony released their RX100V camera with an additional housing to capture to underwater shots too. shares that it was already out this October at only $1,000. For other best lenses reviews, drop by to Lenses Pro.

    About Lenses Pro is website with goal to help photographers all around the world to find, choose and buy best lenses for their favorite DSLRs camera. Number of different kind of lenses on the market is enormous & finding right option for you can be same as finding needle in a haystack. This can specially be problem if you dont have local lenses shop near you.

    Dimitry Vital
    PR and Marketing @ Lenses Pro
    Contact no: 480-538-3136

    Dimitry Vital

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    (EMAILWIRE.COM, October 18, 2016 ) AZ, USA ---- Camera lenses are definitely not cheap since some cameras can cost over a thousand dollars. This only means that consumers can waste a lot of money if they got the wrong lens for their cameras., a trusted site by many photographers when it comes to high-quality cameras and lens exposes the best mirrorless camera with the best lens for you this 2016. Look at these following mirrorless cameras below with the best lens for you:
    1. Sony Alpha A6000. This is considered as the best beginner mirrorless


    Popular Types of Lenses Used by Photographers

    camera from Sony with 24.3 megapixels. Its ISO is 100-25,600 with a built in flash and 11 fps shooting speed. It weighs 12 oz and has a body size of 4.8 x 2.9 x 1.9 inches. This camera has great OLED viewfinder and 3 inch LCD screen. Its full battery life can capture up to 360 shots.

    2. Sony Alpha A6300. According to Toms Guide, this Sony camera is the best intermediate mirrorless camera. It has 24.3 megapixels and 100-51,200 ISO. This mirrorless camera has a built-in camera flash too and shooting speed of 11 fps. shares that this camera weighs 14.25 oz with a body size of 4.7 x 2.6 x 1.9 inches. It also has a viewfinder and a 3 inch LCD screen. Its full battery lifespan can capture up to 400 images.

    3. Samsung NX1. shares that this mirrorless camera with the best lens for you is also the best enthusiast camera. It has an excellent number of megapixels which is 28.2 and an ISO of 100-51200. It has no built-in flash but has a shooting speed of 15 fps. Its viewfinder is OLED with a 3 inch LCD screen. confirms that it can capture about 500 images with its full battery life. shares that mirrorless cameras simpler built-in mechanics allows it to shoot faster compared to DSLR cameras. Hence, mirrorless cameras have grown fast from a distinct category.

    Now, it has its own advantages over DSLR cameras on the market. Aside from having the best lens for you, these cameras got a smaller size. Hence, it is easier to carry and has few parts to operate. is one stop website for photographers who are looking for cameras and lens. They can offer whatever camera or lens that photographers seek around the world. always got the best lens for you so grab one now.

    About Lenses Pro is website with goal to help photographers all around the world to find, choose and buy best lenses for their favorite DSLRs camera. Number of different kind of lenses on the market is enormous & finding right option for you can be same as finding needle in a haystack. This can specially be problem if you dont have local lenses shop near you.

    Dimitry Vital
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    Dimitry Vital

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